Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bye bye swedish summer...

Wonderful swedish summer-good bye!
I will be back in August and then I will make an effort to learn to sail.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Beginning of summer holidays!

Collection of cards-sketches.

My summer partybird! Time for fun!

This is Cigognola! A wunderful small italian village on the hill, with grapes all we will have a relaxing time with good wine and food...reading books and having nice dinners with friends. Just being lazy in the sun...

These summerdesigns where napkins for IKEA 3 years ago...

On Friday we pack all our things in the car and beginn our journey to Italy. Two days in the car...It will be wunderful to go to Italy again. Longing for a good italian coffee and a briocche! Nearly 5 weeks in Italy will be wunderful. I am looking for new inspiration...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Last workingdays....

Now I´m doing my last work before summervacation...Ohhh! Wunderful! During summer I will try to collect a lot of material for inspiration. So I can use it for work during the year. Today I have started my day with a long walk in the wood. It really smells wunderful after the rain. Now some working and then I go for a swim and look at my girls sailing. Have a nice day!

Learning by doing

Today Mette taught me how to blog!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


My name is Eva Lundgreen, and I work as an freelance art director, designer, illustrator and producer of design concepts. This is my inspirational blog where I want to show my ideas, my work, sketches and what inspires me.

On this blog I want to be transparent with the process of my work and shair my ideas. This is my personal blog but also my working and professional approach towards clients. I want to present things that are important to me, personally and professionally.

Today I am happy to have finished two years studying of cultural production, and also make the last effort of my collection of products for kids that I have been doing for IKEA.Very soon I will go to Italy for some weeks of inspiration and relax. I will come back on that issue.


Work in Progress: Hello Tomorrow!

A Social Design project with an humanitarian and commercial aspekt.

Work in Progress: IKEA

A new serie of products for small kids for IKEA of Sweden. Will be in store in autome.