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IKEA Barnslig for kids


IKEA Barnslig for kids






IKEA Barnslig for kids



IKEA Barnslig for kids





IKEA Barnslig for kids


wrapping paper collektion for Bolis, Italy



Bedsofa project for IKEA of Sweden.

Art direction; IKEA North America small summer catalogue

Summer collection for IKEA of Sweden ”Dolores”
Illustrations and design for fabrics that where the main theme for a summer collection.


A diary for kids to use during the schoolyear


Notebooks for school

A collection of paperproducts for kids, Evalunda by Cangini&Filippi.
A wide range of notebooks in different forms, illustrated diary, wrapping paper etc.


Toys for small kids, SEVI, Italy. Hard natural wood and soft coloured fabric
combined together in toys for small kids


Decor and design for plates, cups, napkins and tablecloth for IKEA of Sweden.
A simple and plain serie of accessories for the table.

Bedlinen for IKEA of Sweden. Simple and modern design in strong colours for bedlinen


 For Swedish brand Jotex. 

New book for IKEA, young people from all over the world. Creative entrepreneurs.



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